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Welcome to the fourth round of the Supernatural Graphics Challenge! This month is a special one because I’m going to tell you one part of the prompt: the characters. This month characters are the Women of Supernatural a.k.a Supernatural Ladies. 

The Rules

  • Reblog this post if you want to participate. Likes don’t count.
  • Reblog until August 31st.
  • You can follow this blog and track the tag if you want extra information and to see the other works.
  • You need to have a link for your edits in your blog or submit an example of what you do.

After August 31st

  • You will get a submission/ask with…
  1. The person you are paired with. I’ll watch every blog to match you with someone of equal skill level or a similar style.
  2. The character and the prompt of your graphic.

You’ll have till September 28th to post your graphic.

  • The only requirement for your graphic is to stick to the prompt.
  • The first tags you have to put in your edit are: your partner’s url and supernaturalgraphicschallenge.
  • If you can’t post the graphic in time, message the blog and let me know if you’re going to be late or will be dropping out.
  • If your graphic doesn’t show up in the tag, send me the link to reblog it.
  • Every graphic will be reblogged in the challenge’s blog.
  • Heres’s an example of the graphic’s description.

That’s it, I hope a lot of people participate because this is a very awesome month. Send an ask if you have any question.

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